Saturday, October 29, 2011

#11 - Patriotism

Father: You won't get drunk for your country, you little shit?

Ojczyzna is more literally "fatherland", but of course without the connotations that word has for Anglophones. Gówniarz is something like "shitter", pretty vulgar. Raczkowski is fond of drawing connections between loud patriotism and various sorts of crass or thuggish behaviour. A parent terrorising a child is also a common motif.

10 Mar 2015: I changed the translation on the suggestion of an anonymous commenter.


  1. I could also add, that we have this phrase "ze mną się nie napijesz?" ("you won't drink with me?").

    If anybody uses it, it is clear that you have to drink with him. It is an ultimate argument in persuading somebody to drink with you. If he's refusing and you use this, he's lost and can't get away :)

  2. Thanks for the information. Do you think napić is better translated as "have a drink" here, instead of "get drunk"?

  3. "Have a drink' is better.