Sunday, April 1, 2012

#30 - The killing joke

Man: Life is an April Fool's joke in which everything turns out to be true.

Some classic Raczkowski pessimism coming through. I'm not really happy with my translation. It hinges on the word informacje, which doesn't quite mean the same thing as English information, especially not in this context. Suggestions?

Update: A commenter informs us that informacje means both news and content of a joke, so it's a subtle overlap that can't really be reproduced in English. 


  1. Informacje = news.

    It refers to Polish tradition of publishing false news on 1/4 (I guess)

    or informacje = content (of jokes)

  2. Sometimes the Polish News' programs will report some information, that they later on reveal to be the April Fool's joke. Similarly, we tend to surprise those around us with the news, that sometimes can be pretty cruel, like "Oh man, I they said its gonna snow all weekend" which then turnes out to be a joke. So I think information ere means simply news, of any kind.