Saturday, August 4, 2012

#44 - English lesson

Another comment on the Anglophone invasion of Polish culture.


  1. May have as well not translated the boy's part. Hahaha.
    Btw, the one posted on 28th Jan is a killer. Raczkowski at his best.

  2. Yeah I wasn't sure whether or not to include the boy's line. Maybe I should translate it into Polish.

  3. That's not such a bad idea. Do you have any figures on how many visits you get from Poland?

  4. Yep, blogger shows me country stats. All time stats are:

    US 3055
    PL 2757
    UK 975
    Can 382
    Ger 351
    Australia 189
    Russia 128
    France 80
    Ukraine 79
    Sweden 52

  5. As a pole i may only suggest that it's not only about influence of american (pop)culture and english language, it's also a finger pointed at deterioration (real or imagined) of youngster's behaviur, and defensive attitude of teachers. as always it's both funny yet very grim.

  6. Thanks for the extra information! I always feel I'm missing at least one dimension of his cartoons.

  7. This cartoon is actually refering to the story that happened few years ago when teacher was bullied by his pupils, all the story was captured on camera and put into the internet - teacher had a litter bin put on his head. That caused a big discussion of if the teacher in high school should stand up for bullies, some say that he just should allow them to do whatever they want and have peace of mind.

    1. Is it really? This cartoon is at least ten years old.