Saturday, December 22, 2012

#54 - Gift means poison in German

I won't say anything about this except to point out the similarity with another cartoon combining toys and violence.

Merry Chrimbo.


  1. I have just recently rediscovered Mr MR. How could I forget, not sure really. My tender teen years would not have been the same without his "evil" cartoons in Polityka. He mocked stuff others called holy. He saw Moherowe Berety before they even existed and applied good healthy portion of tongue(or in this case pen I suppose)lashing to every side in sight.
    Rediscovery of his talent evoked the need to share. Here I got stuck. How would you explain this or that to somebody who was never there...?
    Discovered your blog accidentaly. Admire your perseverance and certain finesse required to pull off some of the translations.
    Looking forward to your next post. I chyle czola.

  2. I'm glad you enjoy it. I have been slacking lately, I really should post once a week or more. As for introducing other people to MR: try to show them cartoons that have more universal application. The ones about Polish politics are sometimes pretty opaque for outsiders. Also his very dry humor is not to everyone's taste.

  3. When I was a kid, once for Christmas I received this little rod instead of a present. In Poland this tradition is meant to punish the misbehaving kids ;)
    P.S. After I cried myself out loud, they handed me more boxes with actual presents, but reminding me that I should behave better.

    1. Heh, thanks for the anecdote. The difference in styles of child raising around the world are fascinating, and the Polish style certainly includes more outright sadism than does the American style, where the sadism is usually masked, in accordance with the televisionized nature of US society.