Monday, December 10, 2012

Audience participation special

So it's long past time that Raczkowski's famous "Kurwa mać!" cartoon got an international treatment. However I can't decide what to put on the banner. Motherfucker? Fuck that? Damn it? Better to put up a blank one and let everyone make their own.


  1. Great blog! I've just finished reading it all through.
    Just a quick note @All artists are Nazis.
    Apart from rhyming, there is more to it. I wonder whether you're familiar with music of Kazik Staszewski, famous altarnative artist. I'm talking about one of his most recognizable songs ( about artists, its lyrics go "all artists are prostitutes in the fumes of better fags (cigarettes) and vodka".


  2. Thanks for reading! I have heard Kazik's music before but I was not aware of the connection. Thank you!

  3. Kurwa should be traslated as simple as Fuck (both are the most common swear words it their respective languages, used to express dissatisfaction of some sort). Kurwa Mać is just Fuck with more emphasis, say Fucking Shit!