Wednesday, February 20, 2013

#56 - Junior executive

This is one of the first cartoons of R's I ever saw and it struck and still strikes me as deeply funny for reasons I don't fully understand. I particularly like the little boy's outburst in panel five, with its "sześć! sześć lat tato! jestem maluchem, szkrabem, malym chlopczykiem" - I've tried to get across the funny (to me) sound of szkrabem with tyke.

I don't know if the cartoon is a reference to contemporary events or just another riff on Raczkowski's theme of children encountering an adult world that is insane.


  1. Hi. It's actually 'szkrabem' not 'skrząbem'.

    1. Thanks, I wasn't sure, the lettering is muddy. I'll fix it.

    2. Gotta try again :) S Z K R A B E M .