Sunday, May 20, 2012

#37 - What's a country to do

First woman: Poland is a woman.
Second woman: But all the countries nearby are chicks too.

Second woman: Russia, Sweden, Slovakia...
First woman: Ukraine, Lithuania, France, Netherlands...

First woman: Or they're unknowns like Germany, Czech, Hungary...
Second woman: Italy...

First woman: There's a lack of men. Ones like Mexico or Egypt...

First woman: Nearby there's only Liechtenstein, Luxembourg...
Second woman: And the Vatican.

First woman: They're so small.

I find this joke pretty funny, even though it's entirely dependent on the grammatical gender of the names of countries in Polish. "Poland" is feminine - you can tell by the "-a" ending of "Polska" - and so are the other "-a" countries mentioned in the second panel. Note that the Netherlands are the singular feminine "Holandia" in Polish. Plurals are usually of indeterminate gender in Polish and the countries mentioned in  the third panel are all plurals. Their names probably derive from names of tribes or peoples. The name for Germany is especially interesting as it comes ultimately from a word meaning "mute, unable to speak", so in Polish Germany is "The Mutes". Mexico and Egypt are masculine, but far away; the only men nearby are "small" - a dick joke is always a guaranteed laugh. 

Poland has poor dating prospects!

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