Saturday, May 26, 2012

#38 - Speak truth to power

              God: Andy, tell me, do you believe in me?
              Andy: I believe in you.
              God: Then why don't you go to church? Why don't you pray to me?
              Andy: Because I don't like you.

Andy's dress and background terrain identify him as a góral, a Polish highlander. I don't know what that has to do with the joke as I'm not familiar with góral culture. Perhaps they are reputed to be extremely frank, even to the point that they'll tell God exactly what they think of him.

This cartoon makes me laugh every time.

UPDATE: A góralka friend has informed me that highlanders in Poland are said to be feisty, belligerent, impudent, and so forth. They are also perceived to be extremely religous folk.


  1. Brilliant translation and the description of highlanders is really good. Highlinders are a bit like Gregory House from the 'House' series. The only diffrence is that they believe in God and have great sense of humour.

  2. Nice - thanks for the comparison to House!

  3. And obviously this cartoon refers to an old Polish joke about a highlander struck by a number of calamities who prays to God and asks him why. "I have been good, I have been going to church, I have be pious! So why, God, why?" "Because I don't like you."